Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Grand Opening !!

Well I have finally done it! I have decided to start a blog of my own. I am still pretty new at this so forgive the appearance of this area. I figure I will learn as I go. It seems that everybody has a blog now so it must not be to hard to do. I would imagine writing articles all the time might be harder than anything. Luckily I shouldn't have that problem because there are specific things that I want this blog to cover. Hopefully if anybody does read this, they will have an enjoyable experience.

Why did I decided to start a blog you ask? Well there are a few things I am trying to do in my life that will require constant attention and hard work. I want MindFrak to help me accomplish these goals. The best way to stick to something is to tell as many people as you possibly can! That way they will check up on you and keep you true to your word!! MindFrak is a general Blog that will focus on everything from loosing weight, self accomplishment, and personal financial goals. Throw in the random rant about some crazy stuff you see while out and about and you'll have some good reading.

The big thing I am focusing on right now is losing weight (who isn't?) Basically I am on the right path. I have a gym membership that I actually do use. I try to spend time outside doing activities, be it snowboarding, biking, kayaking, running or chores that require effort to complete (shoveling, cutting grass, etc...) Doing all this I should be a fairly skinny guy with some good muscle mass ... WRONG !!! While not morbidly obease I do manage to carry around a good spare tire. My Goal is to loose this excess fat. Currently I am 220 lbs. I want to get down to 185. Diet is the scourge here.
I tend to have a mediocre diet when it comes to food. Sometimes the food I eat is pretty healthy. Other times not so much. The problem is I like all food, good and bad. While I eat the healthy stuff I feel pretty good.You are what you eat! I'll get these urges though and need to eat something salty or sweet and it just throws me right off. So how do you all resist the temptations of the bad stuff? Let me know!

Be sure to come back soon as I intend to update you often on my various projects. Remember Im throwing myself out there for you guys. Keep me honest !!

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