Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making a Plan and Sticking to it!

Getting in shape is hard work. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. It is much easier to succumb to our natural instincts when the going gets tough! Sure its not always easy to eat the right things. It's not easy to make yourself get up early so that you can go workout at the gym! But with the proper planning, you can make it easier on yourself to get the job done !

Plan Your Meals !

This was something that I did not do today. Normally I go to the office with a small lunch and several healthy snacks to keep me going for the day. This day however I fooled myself into thinking I was late. This caused me to rush out the door with only a small bag of carrots. For a 10 hour shift, all I had to eat was carrots and some raisins I had left in my drawer!! Not a very healthy diet. Had I thought ahead, I would have been able to avoid the pangs of hunger that plagued me through my time at the office.

Take time to pack a lunch the night before. By packing your lunch the night before you can make sure that you will have adequate time to get the proper foods you need to eat healthy. You wont have the urge to raid the candy jar or vending machine if you have good food right in front of you.

Brown bagging a lunch will also save you money !!

Bringing your own lunch to work everyday will help keep both your costs and waistline down. For example:
One bowl of soup at my cafeteria costs $2.68
one bottle of soda costs $1.50

If you work 5 days a week that amounts to $20.95

Lets say you do this all year long, (50 weeks). You would have spent over $1047

By bringing your own lunch you can likely cut that amount in half! You will also be able to eat healthier. Because you prepared your own food you know what it is that you are actually eating!
How do you help ease your spending while not sacrificing what you eat?

A little planning will go a long way. Not only will it help you reduce the hit in your wallet, but it will help reduce your hit on the scale ! Think About it !


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